Sunday, December 4, 2011

Favorite Photos

International Air Travel

Leaving Home
Long flight
Flying into a sunrise
Over Roma
Headed home over Alpes
Over UK

In flight fun
Flying into another sunrise

Home, didnt chage a bit

RMC Promo Shots

Fall Brake Sardinia

Fall Brake Sardinia

Day 1 Roma

Some many picture so little time

Fall Brake Sardinia 

Group Shot


Train Rides

Night Shots at Villa Pieve

People of Italy

I took more photos of people in Venice than in any other city, because they were the most interesting. They had a attitude about them that set them apart.

Furry ladies, Venice

Three nuns one father, Assi

Early morning rondevu

Lunch time, Sardinia

Rossella, Deruta

Street performer, Venice

Afternoon chat, Venice

Angery phone call, Venice

Pees in a pod, Venice

Pees in a pod continued, Venice

Make your move! Venice

Pigeons Attack, Venice

Street performer, Venice

She just happy to be here! Venice

Sunday paper, Venice

Painting with Light and Night Shots

Light painting on the beach, Sardinia

Night view from the beach house, Sardinia

Night shot, Castle near Villa 

Hill top home, Sardinia